Terms and Conditions as of 5th November 2015


These Terms and Conditions of the website www.dowzr.com aim to define the respective rights and obligations of Art Alert Ltd, editor of the site www.dowzr.com (the site), professional events announcers and users.

When using or registering for free and without any obligations on the site www.dowzr.com, the professional events announcer and the user expressly accept these CGU which shall prevail in case of conflict.

The designated competent court for any disputes between professional announcers, private users and the company Alert Art Ltd, the publisher of the site www.dowzr.com is designated as that of Hong Kong, the registered office of Alert Art Ltd.

By creating an account, or a simple connection and use of the site www.dowzr.com, private users, professionals and professional announcers using a private or professional account, acknowledge having read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of Dowzr.

Should you not accept these Terms and Conditions, we request that you do not access any of the pages from the site www.dowzr.com, you must also not use the Dowzr services.



www.dowzr.com is a web platform allowing users aged at least thirteen (under supervision of an adult) to have online access on any multimedia device, to events and publications related to the world of art and any type of information (texts, images, videos, audio:- this is a non-exhaustive list) related to the various media on www.dowzr.com (websites, mobile applications, the blog, and social networks).


www.dowzr.com provides to the professional announcer of events tools such as a professional directory, an online selling shop, an account management tool and online publications which can be managed only by the professional announcer of those events. Once a professional account has been created, it is understood by the operational management platform that anyone working for www.dowzr.com will have no right to inspect or access to administration tools for the content of the accounts except by request from the professional announcer or in case of a technical failure.

In both cases www.dowzr.com must receive written authorisation (by the way of an email) from the account owner requesting that they intervene.

The www.dowzr.com web application is a multilingual online professional tool for event announcers that are directly or indirectly linked to the world of art.
Any publication posted online is under the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Any publication of product type put online and thus on sale on the shop of the professional user is subject to the full responsibility of the professional user. The platform www.dowzr.com as well as its subsidiaries or managing companies can in no way be held responsible for the content and / or authenticity of the products posted on the platform. The same applies to everything concerning the after-sales part. The online store service offered to professionals on the www.dowrz.com platform must be considered as a computer and technological service made available to the professional. In no case www.dowzr.com and or one of these management channels can be considered as part of the online commercial transactions made on the platform. For these reasons, the private or professional user is invited to consult and accept the PAYPAL payment provider's Terms and Conditions of Use. These conditions will prevail in case of dispute on the platform www.dowzr.com
Any online publication is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

In the case of publications published by the dowzr publication team, professional announcers, or any physical or moral person waives all claims, appeals, or complaints against the company Alert Art Ltd and the sites www.dowzr.com and their domain names and associated trademarks (this is a non-exhaustive list).

Use of the site www.dowzr.com prevails the validation of the CGU of www.dowzr.com and all claims or complaints waived, including in any country whatsoever, where laws or notions of intellectual property content would be different.

In no case, the brand, the product derivatives and the www.dowzr.com sites are associated with an event or can be considered as instigator, organiser and is therefore not associated with any form of responsibility linked to the event. The professional user, by use of the site confirms awareness that the brand, the product derivatives and the www.dowzr.com sites could in the minds of some users be considered as their own. Consequently, the user agrees not to undermine the credibility and image of the brand, the derivatives and the www.dowzr.com sites under penalty of damages. www.dowzr.com is a free tool available to professional announcers and must be recognized as such.


Dowzr is a registered trademark and the company Alert Art Ltd is mandated by contract for the distribution of its sites. Dowzr Ltd owns the design of the sites and the software attached as well as all attached patents. The professional announcer acknowledges the publications and the reading of publications and events on www.dowzr.com and its sites as their intellectual property and that they and members of their staff are obliged to consider it as such by refraining to copy or reproduce in whole or part by any means and in any form, transcribe or translate it into any other language or alter it or add any non-compliant object to its specification.

Content other than that which might be filed by a professional announcer available on and/ or through sites www.dowzr.com including any text, graphics, logos, names, trademarks, designations, tabs, functionalities, images, sounds, data, photographs, graphics and any other software (hereinafter "Content from Dowzr") is the exclusive property of the www.dowzr.com sites and is protected by the law of intellectual property and associated legislation.

The contents of www.dowzr.com cannot be used and exploited by www.dowzr.com and / or its licensees and any use of it is constitutive (unless agreed with Alert Art Ltd) of an act of counterfeiting and is prohibited .

The contents of www.dowzr.com shall under no circumstances be downloaded, copied, altered, modified, deleted, distributed, transmitted, distributed, rented, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited, in full or part, in any manner whatsoever, without the written consent of Alert Art Ltd.


By making available the content on www.dowzr.com sites (Hereinafter the "Announcer Content"), the professional announcer accepts that other professional announcers, readers or Internet users have for purposes purely personal, the ability to view and share the announcer content on www.dowzr.com, other electronic communication media (all mobile devices, not exhaustive list) and for the duration of the hosting of such Content on www.dowzr.com free of charge.

For the duration of the hosting of content and advertisement in the exclusive setting of features to make it accessible via www.dowzr.com Internet or other electronic communication media, the professional advertiser authorizes Alert Art Ltd and therefore www.dowzr com to reproduce and / or represent its content and, if necessary to adapt the format for this purpose.

It is noted that given the specificities of the Internet, the www.dowzr.com websites cannot be held liable for any misuse or hacking of content posted via the Dowzr online publications or professional announcers. The professional announcer is required to take all appropriate measures to protect the contents and personal data.



By entering an online publication (create dowz) (texts, images, videos, digital file or other item) or allowing Alert Art Ltd to publish on websites www.dowzr.com, the professional announcer is held to comply with all legal and regulatory provisions in force. It is their responsibility to ensure that the storage and distribution of this content via the websites of www.dowzr.com does not violate the rights of third parties that do not have the necessary permissions.

It is forbidden to use the services of www.dowzr.com sites to organise illegal and banned events and / or affecting morality.

Distribution of content likely to harm morals or public order is prohibited. It is especially forbidden to use the hosting services of the www.dowzr.com websites to disseminate content or information inciting discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of people because of their membership or non-membership of a race, a religion or a particular nation or insulting the victims of crimes against humanity by contesting the existence of those crimes or making an apology. Is also prohibited to publish disseminating, humiliating or defamatory content or pornographic content or to infringe the legal provisions relating to child protection.

In case of broadcasted content offending the prohibitions referred to in the paragraphs above, the technicians mandated to intervene on www.dowzr.com websites will be authorized to:

  • Terminate the publication(s)
  • Delete the publication or user permanently following verification
  • Remove the professional account of the publisher of the publication
  • Ban the creation of a new account permanently

It is noted that through the www.dowzr.com sites Alert Art Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for content, data and information provided by the professional organiser for both free or paid for events published via its websites or from other sites.


As a content hosting, and free events publisher, the only obligations of the sites www.dowzr.com concern the fight against certain content, conservation of the private data of professional announcers, also covered by professional secrecy and processed in compliance with legal provisions on personal data and the removal of all clearly illegal content, once the existence of this content has been brought to its attention.


In case of interruption of scheduled services for reasons of maintenance, security or storage management, the www.dowzr.com websites will inform the professional announcer within a reasonable time before any interruption. In addition, the www.dowzr.com websites will indicate an expected duration for the interruption of services. Officials responsible for the maintenance of the www.dowzr.com websites will undertake to do everything possible to programme the said maintenance operations so that they can be carried out within a reasonable timeframe. In case of a serious technical problem, the www.dowzr.com websites will take measures to inform the announcer.


The technical service of the www.dowzr.com site uses all of our technology that can currently be reasonably used to ensure continuity of service and especially the hosting of the websites www.dowzr.com, also that the responsibility of Alert Art Ltd and the www.dowzr.com websites cannot be held if the server or the server or servers where the sites are stored is unavailable for reasons outside our control such as power cuts, strike, storms, wars, earthquakes, failure of the public telecommunications network, or Internet connectivity loss due to public and private operators on which Alert Art Ltd and the www.dowzr.com sites depend.



By browsing the sites, creating a private account, responding to all types of email issued from the www.dowzr.com sites or companies authorized to do so, the private user acknowledges having been clearly informed and accepts unconditionally the Terms of Service of the www.dowzr.com websites.


By browsing the sites, creating a private account, responding to all types of email issued from the www.dowzr.com sites or companies authorized to do so, the private professional organiser acknowledges having been clearly informed and accepts unconditionally the Terms of Service of the www.dowzr.com websites.


1. Buyer payment method

The payment method offered when buying a product on www.dowzr.com is: Paypal. By making purchases on the site www.dowzr.com you thus accept without reserve the conditions of use of Paypal available here: https://www.paypal.com/en/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

2. Seller payment method

The proposed payment method for sales on www.dowzr.com is: Paypal. By putting on sale products on the site www.dowzr.com you thus accept without reserve the conditions of use of Paypal available here: https://www.paypal.com/en/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

3. Conditions of sale

www.dowzr.com positions itself as an advertising portal grouping online businesses. www.dowzr.com is a computer and technological tool and can in no way be considered as a stakeholder in e-commerce. The quality and authenticity of products on sale on the website are the responsibility of the sellers. Dowzr will not be liable for any circumstances related to the sale of any product on www.dowzr.com, nor for any delivery or actions related to a transaction.

4. Delivery and delay

The delivery of the products are handled entirely by the seller.


The professional announcer considers himself fully informed of the risks inherent in the distribution of content across networks, even if the sites www.dowzr.com use security standards to ensure a level of security and high reliability (https, ssl certificate ...).

It is noted that the data transmission has only relative technical reliability:

  • Content of the sites can be disseminated, reproduced and represented without any geographical limitation,
  • The data circulating on the Internet is not protected against possible misuse,
  • The availability of the content may be subject to intrusions of unauthorised third-parties and computer crimes,
  • The technical capacity of online networks is such that at certain times of the day, Internet access may be saturated (bad telephone connection, modem failure, insufficient bandwidth, saturation node ...).

As a result of the above, and in full knowledge of the Services and the www.dowzr.com sites, the professional announcer waives liability for Alert Art Ltd and the sites www.dowzr.com related to one of the facts or events mentioned above.


Should the present terms be modified, the professional announcer, the reader and the private user shall be notified via email.

The modifications shall take effect after a period of ten (10) clear days, unless applicable rules and regulations state otherwise.

The modifications shall take effect for published events that the professional announcer formally accepts as well.

CGU VERSION 1.1 - DOWZR ACCESSIBLE ON www.dowzr.com as at 18/12/2018

Hong Kong, 18 12 2018 CGUBETADOWZR version 1.1