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The Magic Lamp of Aladdin , S.Varelas, opera-tale - full_size - State Academic Bolshoi Theater
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The Magic Lamp of Aladdin , S.Varelas, opera-tale

Moustafa Kamoul Atatürk 28,Bukhara Street,, Tashkent, 100029, Uzbekistan
Date & Time:
Sunday 8th October 2017 at 11:00.

One Painting the first.
The market square in Baghdad. Shouts of merchants, minters, fortune-tellers - everything creates a lively atmosphere of the market day. But here comes a strange stranger. This Maghribinets is an evil wizard, he is looking for Aladdin, whom no one knows. Traders call Maghribintsa to him, offering him goods. A band of boys is rushing out swiftly.
Sounds of fanfare herald that Princess Budur will be carried across the square to the bathhouse. The chief of the guard orders everyone to bend down to the ground. Who dares look at the princess - will be executed. Appears Budur accompanied by a suite of girls. The procession stops near the disposed young man. Despite the prohibitions of the guards, the capricious princess demands that he look at her. The young man raises his head and freezes, amazed at her beauty. She asks how his name is, and invites him to the palace. Hearing the name - Aladdin, Maghribinets flinches. At last he found the one he was looking for.
Picture two.
Maghribinets says goodbye to his mother and asks Aladdin to accompany him.
Painting the third.
An evil magician - Maghribinets orders Aladdin to descend into a dark dungeon and bring him a magic lamp. The path to the lamp is blocked by fairies, snakes, spiders, skeletons. Aladdin overcomes all obstacles. As soon as he touched the lamp, a huge good Genie appeared before him, ready to fulfill all his desires.
Maghrebinets is waiting for Aladdin to kill him and take the magic lamp. Jinn saves Aladdin. A young man forgives an evil wizard and releases him on all four sides.
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