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Poetic Inspirations by Mona Saudi - full_size - XVA Gallery
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21 November 2019 16:00 - 07 January 2020 18:00

Poetic Inspirations by Mona Saudi

312th Road, Al Fahidi Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My entire body of work emerges from a poetic memory, and from my deep feeling of belonging to our Mother / Earth. These two facts have shaped my life, for at least 55 years of creativity. For this exhibition at XVA Gallery, I made the decision to display works on paper in different mediums, no sculptures in marble or stone, as in reality my drawing are sculptural, without being projects for sculpture. This exhibition includes works dated between 1970 and 1999, when I decided just to concentrate on creating sculpture. Lately I started opening closed drawers and files to bring my drawings again to life. Works included in this exhibition are either inspired by certain poets, such as Adonis, M. Darwish, Saint-John Perse, and the invisible cities of Italo Calvino, and other works that express general poetic dimension that glorify our Mother / Earth, life vibrations and the mystery of creation.

Biography of Mona Saudi:
Mona Saudi was born in Amman, Jordan.
She grew up in a neighbourhood that was metres away from the Nymphaeum (ancient Roman public baths) and this was her playground. The proximity to a historic site gave her a profound respect for Jordan's ancient art heritage, as well as providing her with a source of inspiration for her sculptures.

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21 November 2019 16:00 - 07 January 2020 18:00

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