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Open Cube

74 8 Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Open Cube by Hamra Abbas follows her earlier exhibition Kaaba Picture as a Misprint, shown at Lawrie Shabibi in 2014, featuring new prints and marble inlay works that focus on form, line, and colour in the context of religious iconography, architecture, and geometric abstraction. While referencing specific cultural metaphors, Abbas here is in dialogue with the conceptual work of Sol LeWitt, notably his engagement with the cube (i.e. Incomplete Open Cubes). Abbas’ intervention is a play on formalism within the context of Mughal art and design. The use of parchinkari (marble inlay – a compositional technique mastered by the Mughal artisans in the 17th century) gives new material identity and meaning to the existing variations on the cube by LeWitt, along with presenting a brand new variation in the form of a marble floor piece.

Biography of Hamra Abbas :
Hamra Abbas was born in Kuwait in 1976 and lives and works in Boston and Lahore. Abbas’ artistic practice draws from a myriad of sources and takes a diversity of forms. Her works originate from encounters and experiences – an image, icon or gesture – that are manipulated by the artist transforming its scale, function or medium. Her intention is to deconstruct the act of seeing by recreating images that form part of a collective memory. Unrestrained by subject matter or media, she takes an investigative approach to produce a diverse and holistic body of work addressing notions of cultural history, sexuality, violence, ornamentation, devotion and faith.

Works of Hamra Abbas

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