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Viennese waltz

Volodymyrska St., 50, Kiev, 01030, Ukraine
Date: October 10, 2017
Time: 19:00 to 21:15

Ballet in 2 acts

On the outskirts of Vienna a beer festival is celebrated. Residents of the city are singing and dancing to the accompaniment of an amateur orchestra, which is conducted by the overall favorite, the young composer Franz. To the feast comes his bride Anneli. The young man gives her a bouquet of white flowers. They are happy.

Suddenly, the sky is covered with clouds. Storm is about to start, but the sky soon becomes clear.

In the square there is a car belonging to a well-known Viennese ballerina Carla. Residents invited the actress to participate in a national celebration. She eagerly agrees.

Franz friends persuaded him to play the violin for the distinguished guests. The young composer is struck by the beauty of a ballerina. Anneli notices it and wants to leave the party. Franz tries to detain her. But angry Anneli advises him to stay with Carla. Lovers quarrel. Anneli remains alone.

Theater Square is filled by the crowd rushing to the show. This evening charming Carla will act. Among the spectators - Kaiserling the Count, a longtime fan of the ballerina in love with the actress and Anneli with Franz.

Speech by Carla is a sensation. After the performance all express admiration of ballerina. Franz is among the fans of the actress. Carla introduces him to the Count. Kaiserling invites the young composer to the ball, which he arranges in honor of Carla. Actress seamlessly delivers Franz a sign that she will wait for him at home. But Anneli notices it. Ballerina and the Count leave the theater.
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