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Two - piece furniture - full_size - SVV Jean Emmanuel Prunier
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Two - piece furniture

Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

Prunier Ovv. Mrs. Rouge.
Thomas Hache (1664-1747), two piece furniture and Provençal withdrawal, Chambéry, around 1685, with four leaves and two drawers, marquetry of walnut thread, olive tree, apple or pear stained or burnt, shaded wood with hot sand, holly, fir, blackened wood molding, 220 x 173.5 x 65.5 cm.

Estimate: 40,000/45,000 €

Biography of Thomas Hache
Thomas Hache (1664-1747) is found in Chambery, then city belonging to the House of Savoy. He works there as a companion and learns the Italian decor: ornamentation in various colors, plant windings, acanthus leaves, interlacing and other arabesques.
He moved to Grenoble around 1695 where he entered as a companion in the studio of Michel Chevalier, master cabinetmaker. He died in 1697 and Thomas married his daughter two years later. At the time, it was difficult to break into these very closed corporations. The title of master is protected by the jurandes and acquired only after long years of apprenticeship, then of companionship, and finally by the production of a masterpiece. You also have to pay fees that are inaccessible to many journeymen. This marriage is therefore a means of social climbing for Thomas and he officially resumed the workshop from 1700.

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