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Route de Malagnou 1, Geneva, 1208, Switzerland

The new temporary exhibition of the Geneva Museum immerses you in the fascinating world of predatory animals and their "kill to eat" strategies. An exhibition event to eat with teeth! And who makes think and challenges our received ideas ... Kill and eat to live, to survive! This is the essence of the act of predation. This behavior is not recent. Predators have been present since the beginnings of life on Earth and in all ecosystems. Far from the big bad wolf and the teeth of the sea, the exhibition reveals a natural phenomenon essential to the development and maintenance of life, from the world of bacteria to that of large vertebrates.

Predation is one of the driving forces behind the evolution of species: better catching, better capturing one side and better protecting oneself, better escaping from the other. And in this great game of "catch me if you can," predators are far from imposing the so-called law of the strongest. Their lives are often difficult and dangerous.

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Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Genève

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