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The Black Spider - full_size - Theatre Basel
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The Black Spider

Elisabethenstr. 16, Basel, 4051, Switzerland
Dates :
9th,16th and 19th October 2017 ;
6th and 18th November 2017.

Time :
20:00 - 21:50.

Tarifs :
25 CHF - 30 CHF.

Venue :
Small stage.

Basel Professor of Literature Walter Muschg "Black spider" as an "image of every conceivable disaster" in 1931 and gave Gotthelf's novella a place of honor in the literary canon. Claims for its topicality and relevance have been and are always going to be at least one year ago. In 1841 Gotthelf wove elements from fairy tales and sagas to the Emmental of that time. What is the meaning of the words of the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, they have a restorative value. He too observes the radical social changes of the time in great detail and depicts the poverty of the rural population with a directness reminiscent of naturalist literature.

There are signs in the story to suggest that it is something that comes from outside: the order of knights that governs tyrannically over the medieval peasants has adopted heathen. And the woman who negotiates with the Devil for good or ill of the village is not a local either. However, as soon as the dilemma begins, the catastrophe is inevitable. The black spider that afflicts the village like the plague, as a futuristic image of the fear with which the peasants.

The man in question is a person who is not a member of the community. His productions are characterized by clear images, a great literary sensibility and a keen eye for the present day. He is currently working at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, Frankfurt Opera, Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus and for the first time at Theater Basel.
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