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Calle Angustias nº 1, Valladolid, 47003, Spain
Date and time: 23 may 2017 from 20:30 to 22:00

The inspiration for Rice was born from the landscape and history of Chihshang in the East Rift Valley of Taiwan.Formerly contaminated by the use of chemical fertilizers, this farming village has regained its title as the emperor's land of rice by adpting organic framing.

Impressed by the immense rolling waves of gran through extensive paddy fields, and inspired by environmentally conscious farmers, Lin led the dancers to f Chihshang, where they joined the farmers of the rice harvest. From this experience in the field, Lin has created powerful movements and exuberant fabrics through the soil, sunlight, wind, water and fire, which tells the story of the earth, while contemplating its devastation. A work on death and resurrection.

  • Calle Angustias nº 1, Valladolid, 47003, Spain
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