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Above the margin: Ricardo's year

Av. Comuneros de Castilla 14, Miranda de Ebro, 09200, Spain
Date: From 08 to 09 september 2017
Time: 08:30
Price: € 6

Angelica Liddell has created a monster . A monster capable of performing the worst affronts, the most horrible crimes. This envious and bloodthirsty character, inspiredby Shakespeare's Richard III , manipulates, bites, spits, screams and laughs, all for the pleasure that tyranny produces. He takes advantage of his power until he falls into moral decay. These are the ingredients that make up an act of resistance against death , against what forms the inhuman, the rage and tyranny, the almost primitive.

This Ricardo tries to expose not only the manipulating, homicidal and relentless man, power ill that Shakespeare portrays in his original work, but also a Ricardo who moves with impunity from the power that gives money, corporatism, Genocide and demagogy.
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