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Blim Blam

Calle Dolores Armengot, 31, Madrid, 28025, Spain
Dates :
7th October 2017 at 18:00 ;
8th October 2017 at 12:30

Tickets :
€ 7

A magical play in which the traveling magician awaits the arrival of his train in a fantastic station. As the train comes, he decides to discover the wonderful and mysterious suitcases that await all packed together his journey ...Inside them you will find a world of objects and amazing things that belong to other travelers and places. Then we will see very closely the colors of the circus ... as the moon travels from her suitcase through the air to reach the clouds ... we will know the story of the great star of the show ... the cow Josefina The dancer! Between musics and songs the spectators will be astonished as the light travels ...We'll open the suitcase of the flowers ... the suitcase of the butterflies ... Until it will finally arrive, the magician's train will actually appear. In it he will leave leaving a great trail of smoke ...
  • Calle Dolores Armengot, 31, Madrid, 28025, Spain
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Sala Tarambana

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