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Paul Fuster

C/Vila i Vilà, 99, Barcelona, 08004, Spain
Date & Time:
Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 21:00.

Go / Between is a warm record, which does not seek to impress but to welcome, to show a vital photograph distinct from "Repte", "36 Weeks" or "Happy Nothing". The photograph of a man who has left everything, has begun again, going or being, alone or inseparable, always deep and at full volume. The songs portray this state and do so with a poetic depth so simple that it becomes round and unappealable.

The engine of this vision is what Fuster, an expert in creating neologisms, calls the "Big OK": a sort of reconciliation with life on the part of those who already know their cruelty and nonsense and contemplate with the certainty that, What's up, it's better to "die with a smile on your face".

If you've met Paul Fuster , you know he's always going to be free. And stylistically it could not be otherwise. Sometimes following the wake of Elliott Smith, sometimes with a nod to the Latin Playboys, sometimes slow and powerful as Low or Retributon Gospel Choir, but always personal and authentic, always credible. Take advantage of the return of the exclamation and enjoy Go / Between, because you never know where, how or when we will meet Paul Fuster again.
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