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Mentes simples

Carrer de Lepant, 150, Barcelona, 08013, Spain
Date & Time:
Sunday 30th April 2017 at 20:30.

Great music

Scottish group Simple Minds, who lead singer Jim Kerr and guitarist Charlie Burchill, has been a pop legend since the days of post-punk and new wave, when they debuted with "Life In A Day" (1979). Followed by other classics such as "Empires And Dances" and "Sons And Fascination". The group's career lived a crucial moment with "New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)" (1982), which Kerr defined as his Holy Grail. The success continued with "Sparkle In The Rain" (1984) instituting its epic characteristic.

They finished the eighty turned into band of stadium rock, after triumphing in the United States with the song "Do not You Forget (About Me)" - in the soundtrack of the film "The Breakfast Club" ("The club of the five ") - and the album" Once Upon A Time "(1985), becoming competitors of U2, with whom they shared scenarios. The power of his live is reflected in the double album "Live In the City Of Light" (1987), in a golden age that would end with "Real Life" (1991).

The new millennium was a revival that led them to scale back the lists with "Graffiti Soul" (2009). His fame grew again thanks to several tours of great success. But, far from falling asleep on their laurels, they released their sixteenth studio album, "Big Music" (2014), which also garnered recognition from critics. And they continue without stopping. Now they release "Acoustic", an album in which they remodel their songs. In the first single, "Promised You A Miracle", it accompanies to them the compatriot KT Tunstall and the album closes with the "Long Black Train" of Richard Hawley. The new versions dispense with synthesizers to emphasize their Celtic soul.
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