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Joan Rovira

Rbla. Just Oliveras 56, Barcelona, 08901, Spain
Date: 07 octobrer 2017
Time: 20:00
Price: 15 €

Joan Rovira begins a new stage with a new album and show explosive. And its strength undoubtedly is their live. Now, is presented with a consolidated band with a sound more convincing. The new songs have a rock-Mediterranean flavor, with colorful and positive returns. Songs that convey joy of life and an exaltation of the simple things, can point to the rumba rhythm, melody pop or depth soul, absorbing many influences.

Joan Rovira Author is a party-music festival that combines music more personal and is capable of dancing and excited throughout the concert. With more than 35,000 followers on social networks and more than a million copies of their music videos, it is also the author of songs like brothers language or The My River that have become anthems of both contemporary music of our country.
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