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Jay-Jay Johanson

c/ Nou de la Rambla 111, Barcelona, 08004, Spain
Date & Time:
Wednesday 22nd April 2017 at 21:00.

Plays "Whiskey 20 years"

Swedish Jay-Jay Johanson has made a breakthrough in the international scene with elegance with songs influenced by the crooners of yesteryear but also by the current scene. Far from typecasting, the delicate blonde singer from the cold has released a series of albums that have become an emblem of trip-hop and downtempo, while still experimenting with dance music or rock, as they taste records like " Antenna "or the last" Opium ".

Although the most decisive of his work remains the initial trilogy: "Whiskey" (1996), "Tattoo" (1998) and "Poison" (2000) and among them the debut unsuccessful, a "Whiskey" 20th anniversary, will play at the Mil·lenni Festival. The original edition caused emotional havoc and obtained unbeatable criticisms for moving the world of Frank Sinatra to the one of Portishead, in music that is nocturnal and emotive; A ballads of the XXI century that collect the vintage spirit to varnish it of modernity, with violins and scratch, theremin and drum machine.

And also contained the great success "So Tell The Girl That I'm Back In Town", a song that continues to dazzle and transports to a world of decadent fantasy that traps without remedy. It is the icing on a record that becomes very brief, with nine successful tracks, which are actually eight, touched by the wand of creativity, patenting a sound that is fragile and resounding, with a hypnotic voice, between Beth Gibbons and Scott Walker, mixing rapturous pop, orchestral arrangements, electronic and hip hop, on a historical record that will perform with his band along with a selection of the best of his other 9 albums.
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