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Not Love Alone

Theatre Square, 1, St Petersburg, 190000, Russia
Dates and Times :
Monday 9th October 2017 at 19:00;
Friday 23rd March 2018 at 19:00.

Duration :
2 hours
The performance has one interval.
Age category 12+.

Venue :
Concert Hall.

Conductor: Zaurbek Gugkaev
Varvara Vasilievna: Yekaterina Sergeyeva
Volodya Gavrilov: Alexander Trofimov
Fedot Petrovich: Pavel Shmulevich
Natasha: Natalia Pavlova
Ivan Trofimov: Yaroslav Petryanik
Mishka: Ilya Selivanov
Grishka: Andrei Ilyushnikov.

The action takes place in a Soviet village after the war.
Act I
Peasants on the collective farm are sitting around idly; it is raining and it is impossible to continue work in the fields. Volodya Gavrilov, Natasha’s fiancé, returns home to the village. He has studied and worked in the city. The lads in the village give him a cool reception. The subsequent fight is stopped by the chair of the collective farm Varvara Vasilievna. All take their separate ways. Varvara is overcome with doubt: she is strict with those she manages, but she cannot control the weather on which the harvest depends. Speaking with Volodya, she tries to discover his plans as there is insufficient manpower in the village.

Act II
The young people assemble for an evening of festivities. The girls and the boys, competing against each other, sing limericks. Representatives of the collective farm’s initiative group appear, performing an awkward march after which Gavrilov speaks. The gloomy moralists from the initiative group scorn everything that is urban, and amid the accusations is the retort “Muddle instead of music!” Volodya sings lyrical couplets with the girls. Varvara has come for the quadrille which she dances with Volodya to whom she has taken a fancy. After the festivities, Varvara anxiously returns home, followed by Volodya who does not hide his feelings (“I’ll smother you with kisses, you lie, you won’t get away.”) The dialogue is interrupted by the brigadier of the tractor-drivers Fedot Petrovich. Varvara drives her protector away and she and Volodya agree to meet.

On the way to her rendezvous, Varvara bumps into Natasha who sings the nostalgic song The Hazily Beautiful Sun. The chair gives her usual commands, giving her rival her marching orders. But as she awaits Volodya she begins to doubt her own actions. She hears the words of a limerick which one of the village girls sings: “Oh, how quiet is the night, not far from sin. Let me be escorted by another’s fiancé.” Varvara is like a fish out of water: she dreams of happiness, yet she cannot abuse people’s trust. Keeping her anxiety in check, the chair announces her instructions and tells Volodya his duties and slowly she comes to understand that the lad never had any serious intentions. Before her lies another day of cares and hard work.
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