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Opened in 1985, Dr. Thomas Krings-Ernst the KRINGS-ERNST GALLERY, then under the name ART ROOMS COLOGNE.

The aim of the newly founded gallery was to present a wide range of contemporary art. 1500 m2 of exhibition space offered this concept a quasi institutional framework. Researched by countless visits to studios, art schools and exhibitions at home and abroad, trends of the time were widely presented. Primarily we wanted young, innovative yet little known artists show, complemented by others whose latest work was already on the basis of a long development.

1987 began intensive cooperation with the collector Prof. Dr. Peter Ludwig.

Purpose and direction of the gallery, were created to support the global art concept. In addition to the traditional aspects of an art collection here came sociological and political aspects ... culture and social conditions in many countries were represented by their artistic production and presents world. With the establishment of numerous museums at home and abroad, cultural exchanges should be encouraged find funding. Krings-Ernst Gallery had always wanted internationally for trends and artistic personalities. Now she could operate in cooperation with museums and exhibition organizers their research on a very broad basis and to introduce a measure taken by their selection from the Ludwig Collection.

Today the main interest of the gallery the intersection of visual arts and architecture applies. How the two relate to each other? What about the disciplinary boundaries? What aspects of visual art are addressed by the architecture and vice versa? On artistic positions that deal with such issues, the focus of Kring-Ernst Gallery is addressed in the 21st century.
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    Goltsteinstrasse 106, Cologne, 50968, Germany

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