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Founded in 1968 by Oliver Nulty, the Oriel Gallery takes its name from the ancient Irish kingdom of Oriel which encompassed the present-day town of Drogheda from which Oliver hails.

The Oriel has mounted many group exhibitions featuring such luminaries of Irish art as Jack B Yeats, Nathaniel Hone, William Leech, Roderic O'Connor, Walter Osborne, Sir John Lavery, J A O'Connor, William Sadler, Daniel O'Neill and Sean Keating. On the walls of The Oriel are also to be found many and varied examples of the work of Maurice MacGonigal, Charles Lamb, Stanhope Forbes and Norman Garstin.

A niche is reserved for contemporary and abstract paintings by such artists as George Campbell, Colin Middleton, Gerard Dillon, Gretta O'Brien and Louis le Brocquy.

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