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The Finnish Continuation War was ended by The Moscow Armistice which was signed between Finland, Soviet Union and United Kingdom on September 19, 1944. Thus this Armistice restored the Moscow Peace Treaty of 1940, with a number of changes, however.

The conditions were strict and hard. Finland has been obliged to relinquish and surrender parts of Karelia province and Salla district, a few islands in the Gulf of Finland, Petsamo province and Porkkala district, the last one as a leasehold land; all mentioned to the Soviet Union. The Cession of these territories meant that over 400000 Finns living there lost their homes. Most of them had to move from Karelia in summer 1944. All evacuees were inhabited around mainland Finland. The Porkkala district was finally returned back to the Finnish control in 1956. This offered to a few thousand of Finnish Porkkala evacuees an opportunity to get back to home.

After the war Finland had to compensate war reparations to the Soviet Union by a value of 300 million dollars (valued in 1938 level, which was higher than corresponding value in 1944). The whole war indemnity had to be paid within 6 years in such a way that the main weight of a load was remarkably heavier in the first few years. Soviet Union required Finland to make the Indemnity payments as goods. The Finnish Government anticipated that Soviet Union would like to set a priority for forestry products. The Soviet Union, however, wanted mostly modern industrial products, such as heavy metal engineering, shipbuilding and electrical engineering products. The last train to Soviet Union carrying war indemnity products finally crossed the boarder in 1952.
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