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Théâtre Le Têtard

The theater Tadpole is an atypical Marseilles cultural place.Run by volunteers, the "unmanageable".

It offers a selective and professional programming designed especially for young audiences and adults.

Its mission is:

to be a springboard for young companies in our region,
to be a place open to amateur companies or associations to which he regularly rents his room, and finally
sign up proudly in her neighborhood.

Creative, innovative and popular, our theater defends creation.

Trouverez- normal as you to learn that our sponsor happens to be Jean-Marc Thibault.

The Tadpole wants over a new generation of directors and actors.

The Tadpole accompanies young and old in theater training, so lively and continues this key location of the living entertainment, imagination and reflection: the Theatre!

Top info: Tadpole The theater receives each year nearly

6000 spectators
over 100 performances!

This is especially every season, some beautiful theatrical surprises!
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