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Tat Tak Communal Hall

The Tat Tak Communal Hall is the only remaining purpose-built communal hall in Hong Kong which served as an assembly point and worshipping place for a joint village alliance, and a management office for an open market.

The communal hall was built in the 7th year of xianfing reign (1857) of the Qing dynasty by Tang Fan-yau, a member of the gentry of Ping Shan, and his clansmen as a place of assembly for village guards and members of the Tat Tak Alliance, as well as the management office for the Ping Shan Market.

The Tat Tak Communal Hall is also one of the few remaining sites in direct connection with the anti-British resistance in the New Territories in 1899. It is said that a public notice calling for support for the armed resistance was issued in Ping Shan area after a meeting at Tat Tak Communal Hall on 28 March 1899.

As a venue for holding meetings, the Tat Tak Communal Hall had a simple but functional design. The communal hall was originally a two-hall, three-bay structure; the Hall of Lonesome Consolation was added on the left side and the Hall of Bravery on the right in the 5th year of the Tongzhi reign (1866). The building is constructed of grey bricks and granite blocks and has a pitched roof.

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