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The Segantini Museum was opened in St. Moritz in 1908, nine years after the artist’s death. The driving force behind the idea was St. Moritz physician, Oscar Bernhard, a friend and patron of Segantini.
The imposing central part of the building positioned on the steep mountainside overlooking Lake St. Moritz points eastwards towards the Schafberg, where Segantini died. The architectural design by the architect, Nicolaus Hartmann (1880–1956), was based on the monumental pavilion that Segantini had designed to house his Engadin Panorama at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900. The building with its mighty dome looks like a mausoleum, an impressive, accessible memorial. In 1947, Hartmann drew up various projects to extend the Museum, which however were not realised. It was not until 1981 that the museum was further extended, when a narrow, semi-circular exhibition room was built at the rear of the building.

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