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The Rubin Museum is an artist-house-museum in the historical heart of Tel Aviv. Formerly the home of the painter Reuven Rubin, he lived here with his family and worked in his third floor studio from 1946 until his death in 1974. Constructed in 1930, the house on 14 Bialik St. opened to the public in 1983. A choice selection from the Museum's permanent collection of Reuven Rubin's paintings is regularly on display, replaced periodically by guest exhibitions focusing on Israeli art. There are 4 floors in the building: The street level floor houses the main gallery, as well as the entry hall with the museum's shop. An additional gallery is located on the second floor, where the visitor will also find the library and reading room. The children's workshop is located in the basement, opening to the backyard. Rubin's studio, preserved as it was in his lifetime, is located on the third floor which also houses a biographical photographic display unfolding Rubin's life-story and reflecting the local artistic and cultural scene.
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