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The Portas Vilaseca is one of the youngest contemporary art galleries of Rio de Janeiro, his brief and bruising trajectory now points to new ways of presentation, attendance and commercialization of artwork. The Portas Vilaseca is reconfiguring its choice of artists to bring the audience a contemporary production of high quality of artists of different generations and in different ways, reflecting the myriad of poetic and issues of the present time. Aware of the pace of development of the work of an artist, and her ballast, the Portas Vilaseca has as a principle, a close and continuous monitoring of the production of its artists and its subsequent linkage to the whole system of art. Working with artists is to enhance the process and experimentation in art. The Portas Vilaseca incessantly considers new ways to make and negotiate art as well as the context in all its spheres. Thus, the gallery increments important and traditional national collections while also dedicated to the formation of a new audience and a new collecting, attentive and committed to the development of Brazilian art.

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