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Pi Artworks Istanbul/London was founded in 1998 by Yeşim Turanlı in Ortaköy, Istanbul and is now one of Turkey’s foremost contemporary art galleries.

In 2008, ten years after it was founded, Pi Artworks led the way by becoming the first of over ten galleries to relocate to Istanbul’s Tophane district. Three years later in 2011 it expanded once more by opening its current venue at Mısır Apartment and in 2013 Pi Artworks became the first gallery from Turkey to open a venue in London and branch out internationally.

During the last 18 years it has had a significant role in raising the profile of Turkish art within the international art market, while introducing international artists to its client base in Turkey. Ms. Turanlı currently sits on the Art International, Istanbul selection committee, Art Galleries Association management board, and the Tate Middle East acquisitions committee since 2013.
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