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Office du Tourisme de La Baule-Escoublac

Eclectic and visionary, the architectural heritage of La Baule is an amazing reflection of the history of the station.Have fun walking the alleys and avenues traced in the shade of pine trees: the many villas make up an incredible mosaic of eras, styles and materials, reflecting the tastes and regional origins of their owners.Provencal farmhouse Savoyard chalet, Breton, Norman and Basque influences are the living memory of the station, and their names also tell stories.On the seafront, aesthetics "American" modern buildings involved in this singular juxtaposition.

The success and reputation of La Baule also take in its rich natural heritage.The sumptuous parks and ornamental gardens of villas offer a charming flowered in the heart of the resort, while 650 hectares of pine forest and 47 hectares of state forests, carefully preserved, invite you to the happiness of a wilderness stroll .
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