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he City Council gave the artist Basilio Cascella extensive grounds, which became the school of graphics hotbed of many artists. Soon this school became a circle of national and international artists such as D'Annunzio, Pirandello, Grazia Deledda, Ada Negri, Guido Gozzano, Umberto Saba, Salvatore Di Giacomo, Beltramelli, Vincenzo Bucci, Antonio De Nino, Brown, Louis Antonelli, Cerasoli, Gennaro Finamore, Marino Moretti, Clemente Rebora, Arturo Onofri, Corrado Govoni, Federigo Tozzi, Goffredo Bellonci, FT Marinetti, Sibilla, Amalia Guglielmetti, Giovanni Pascoli, Matilde Serao, Salvator Gotta, who also collaborated with the school through the intervention of important illustration of magazines, such as the Abruzzese illustration, the South and La Grande illustration. The Museum preserves the fruit of the school of graphics, belonging to the Cascella family, especially of Basil and his sons Thomas, Michael and Joachim. You can admire furniture, art objects, pottery, postcards, boxes of books, labels, scraps, precious and rare lithographic stones that were used for carvings, canvases and paintings, especially of landscape subject.
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