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The building that houses the Civic Archaeological Museum "F. Savini "is placed in a block that testifies to the architectural transformation of the city from the end of the thirteenth century, continuing in the early seventeenth century (church dedicated to San Carlo) and until the second half of the nineteenth century (the courthouse).
The museum is the "central hub" of the museum "City of Teramo" system, land reading center, connected to the archaeological sites in the city and in the province of Teramo, with an adequate network of cognitive references between system museums and territory of reference.
The museum, in setting the ground floor, traces the history of the city (from the twelfth century BC. To VII AD): the village and proto-historic necropolis, the Roman town (the forum, the theater, the amphitheater, the baths, the necropolis, the domus of the Lion, Porta Carrese, Largo Burned Tower, the area of Largo Madonna delle Grazie).
On the first floor tells the story of the plot area from prehistoric times to the process of Romanization and up to the medieval period, through the themes: from caves to villages and proto-historic necropolis (one of the sites sampled are cited: Grotta Sant'Angelo, Ripoli, Tortoreto, Campovalano, etc ...), from trade to the administrative organization, the sanctuaries to the villas (among the sites sampled are cited: Basciano, Pagliaroli, Giulianova, Tortoreto, etc ...), from the barbarian presence to businesses and ceramics production d ' medieval times, finally a visual reference to the most representative churches of Romanesque Teramo.
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