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The county museum in Flanders, perched on Mount Cassel, has the objective of enhancing the artistic creation in Flanders, making it unique.

Why a museum in Flanders Cassel?Until the battles of Flanders in 1677, Cassel belongs to the county of Flanders.The building that today houses the museum, the Hotel of the Noble Court, was a lordship which covered a fairly large area, has 54 parishes located mostly in what we now call the inner French Flanders.

In the room called to the manor, on the cupboards for storing documents, you will find the names written in Flemish old villages.

Because of this history and the museum collections, it became legitimate to show the diversity and richness of Flemish culture of the fifteenth century until today, well beyond the borders.

The course is thematic, not chronological: works of different nature (drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, video works ...) rub shoulders to the delight of the eyes!
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