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The MissionArt Gallery was established in 1990, its owners and managers Jurecskó László Zsolt Kishonthy, art historians have ten years of experience in the museum. A wide range of contemporary galleries, and the Baia Mare painting exhibition organized in Hungary and abroad (Vienna, Bucharest, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Berlin, London, Moscow, Los Angeles). Contemporary art exhibitions of the latest trends in contemporary Hungarian dealt with, often call the gallery were created thematic group exhibitions (First Miskolc Plastic Rabbit Show, The Great Zsuga the game, Frisian Europe). The success of this exhibition shows that after the presentation of Miskolc, in many cases made guest appearances in other exhibition spaces. The Baia Mare painting exhibition series started in 1992 in Miskolc, Baia Mare painting Neos of action until 1944 is that revelation could and basically rewrote the history of Hungarian art in this section of the opinion that a number of art historians. The then probably record-breaking - the exhibition appeared - about 60 newspaper articles, TV and radio reports several cases of epochal significance hailed the event, emphasizing that it is not a national museum, but a (then), "rural" private gallery is a program of. The subsequent monographic exhibitions shed new light on a number placed, while almost completely unknown or little-known oeuvre (Great Oscar, Boromisza Tibor Jándi David, Gizella Dömötör, Hugo Mund). These painters and usually works Nagybánya monographs published by this MissionArt Gallery exhibitions and became known as a result of public awareness of the history of art.

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