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The idea of ​​establishing a museum in Baia Mare occurred in the late nineteenth century, when they were already established collections, pretty consistent, "antiques", recovered in a first exhibition history. 31 August 1899 set due Gyula approaches Schönherr history, museum Association Colony, whose intense activity for the opening to the public of Baia Mare City Museum at June 19, 1904.

From the beginning, the museum has rich collections mainly by donations, especially in the book of pieces of archeology, coins, medals and old weapons etc. Thus, in 1901 the museum's patrimony was made up of 2,441 pieces in 1904 from 6.938 pieces, because on the eve of World War I, the number of pieces to reach 11.489.

In the interwar period, Baia Mare reorganized museum collections, the first exhibition was opened in 1924.

Museum Baia Mare in 1951 became regional museum, and during 1968-2006 worked under the name of Maramures County Museum has five sections: history and archeology, art, ethnography and folk art, natural sciences and history of art.
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