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concert hall and support platform for local artists.

R'Vallée The association exists since 1990.
Between 1990 and 1996, the association was conducting cultural activities in support of local artists:
concerts, music workshops Computer Aided, recording studio, rehearsal workshops, graffiti workshops, cultural exchanges.
These activities helped to build the overall artistic project related to broadcasting and to Hip Hop artist residencies.
The Freed was built in 1996 as part of the national program labels of "Cafés Music".
Since 1998, Freedman is managed by R'Vallée as part of a mission of public service intersecting the specifications of the current music scenes.

The art project has always been guided by the desire to promote the diversity of cultural offerings and thus participate in cultural democratization.
Assistance to local artists is an important area of ​​work of the overall project.
The Mission of Public Service and the national program "Current Music Scene" are deployed in a dynamic professional environment with a qualitative requirement serving the public and artists.
The quality of the technical conditions and reception of emerging emerging artists allowed Freedman to maintain close ties with the artists.
Dice 1996, Freedman was recognized as the cultural center dedicated to urban music and French rap in particular.
In 2014, after several months of work, the team Freedman enters a new stage to offer an always singular artistic offer in the national landscape of Contemporary Music.

The school Dj:
DJ training under apprenticeship or further training.

The Artist Residencies:
rehearsal workshops, recording studio and stage homes.

The Buzz Booster:
national and inter regional network around the major players in the Hip Hop aesthetic.
Objective: detection, support and movement of Hip Hop groups, with the ambition to create a model of artistic development with the support of the great festivals of Urban Music.

Square Culture:
On the sidelines of the overall artistic project, Freedman offers a new service for the access to culture.
This new cultural mediation tool allows residents of the Valley of Huveaune to have a platform for information and analysis of the local cultural offer to reduce inequalities in access to culture by a new treatment of information dissemination.
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