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The Baranja County Museums Directorate (Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs, Nagykanizsa Dorothy Museum Mohács) primary task of cultural goods natural history, archeology, ethnography, history, art and design materials collection, recording, preservation, restoration, scientific processing and publishing, as well as exhibitions and presenting it in another way. Baranja research areas including archeology, contemporary. and arts of the twentieth century. The art of the century, Pécs County and local history, ecology and culture of ethnic minorities and Baranja research of folk art.

Its population on the basis of works of art and exhibitions of Hungary belongs to the largest number of museum organizations in Hungary. A significant collections of shows like Zsolnay, Csontváry, Vasarely and the Modern Hungarian Picture Gallery collection. In addition, archaeological, ethnological, natural history and local history exhibitions are available here. Mohácson visible exhibition of the Hungarian Croats, Serbs, Slovenes costumes and folk art section. Every year, a number of temporary exhibition of fine art, archeology, natural history and cultural history of the area of ​​cultural anthropology at home and abroad. Collections of several major pieces in the exhibition. Visitor numbers in terms of the most visited museums in Hungary, receives nearly 200,000 people per year.
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