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Working from his studio in Brittany, Jean Marie Appriou has developed a both singular and experimental sculptural practice wherein technical steps and gestures inherent to pottery and glass crafts (from iron casting, to ceramics and glass blowing) become enmeshed with complex narrative mechanisms. Materials fuse, giving shape to a heterogeneous aggregate of references and representations taken from biblical iconography, psychedelic movements, witchcraft, Pre Raphaelite painting and the history of space exploration. Such a revelation is simply one of the many possible combinations of components available to Appriou in the creation of hallucinatory scenes. Characters haul their bodies out of a symbolistic magma, surfacing like the reminiscence of chance historical or fictional encounters. Among them we can distinguish a paternal figure subject to metaphysical doubt in Ancient Egypt, a female silhouette crowned with copper hair and sheathed in pallid skin, a beekeeper who seems able to master the founding principles of alchemy and infantile cosmonauts thrown off course by their own phantasmagorical visions. Via this syncretic process, Jean-Marie Appriou places his characters in a constellation and grants them a somewhat enigmatic role. Whilst being allegorical, they create a bodily link between us and the beyond, materializing the spirals of thought and infinite weightlessness into which we plummet when partaking in the study of the Universe. Appriou’s sensual approach to matter thus allows us to fully appreciate a certain mysticism which inevitably underlies the act of creating objects themselves.
Jean-Marie Appriou was born in Brest (FR) in 1986. He graduated from The École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Rennes in 2010.
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