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HOT - for keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends
ICE - for the cool factor

Connecting top talents with a diverse portfolios – from fine art to graffiti.
Fusing art, culture & industry

HOT ICE gallery, is not just a gallery or a shop it is a forum for limitless creativity.

HOT ICE studio, develops and nurtures talent, creating the impossible – where an artist becomes a product designer and an industrial designer becomes an artist. Where a design melts into an everyday practical product.

HOT ICE is a design thinker, a place to show the world work of art and innovation created by artists that can not restrain their urge of expression in their own creative form.
Live and let live, nothing is new and everything has an end - therefore make the most of it.

HOT ICE is on a never ending journey in search of creative individuals tackling innovative ideas surfing on the tide of the times, brewing art, culture and industrial design together in products and bringing them to the market.

HOT ICE organizes exhibitions and events with mainly Icelandic but also international artists and designers. The gallery is a fantastic raw space with exceptional potential to hire as a private venue.

Our line of thoughts

ART is an expression of contemporary culture at each time

Everybody has their own private taste and preferences influenced from all different directions which is the drive behind ever maturing personal independent taste.
Being true to oneself is the simples way to satisfaction

Never take yourself too seriously, enjoy the freedom of thinking , don't get stuck in a style self created or borrowed from another.

Humor is the finest art of living

Taking pride and pleasure in your own accomplishments erases negative competition
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