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John Haas started to collect in the 1970s. Always attracted to the painted world. From childhood visiting exhibitions, as later he came into contact with the graphics printers. The attraction gradually ripened passion Czóbel a beautiful picture, the first purchase. In his own words, he received the "virus". His interest is directed to the specialties, the underlying values and artists waiting to be discovered and works towards. This collector's creed - with the central ideas of intuition, the art and the master rating and the "public benefit" are important - a result even works from the masters known names are less known in korszakukból John Haas collection.

The most distinctive part of the collection of the late 1920s and early 1930s generated during the Hungarian avant-garde second wave of Expressionist, Cubist-inspired works comprise: Bene Géza István Varga Ilosvai, Hansel Anthony, Béla Kádár, János Kmetty, Csaba Vilmos Perlrott Rafael Viktor George Ruzicskay, Hugo Scheiber, Armand Schönberger, John George Simon, Tipary Desi paintings from artists who studied in Paris grafikái.A Emőd Aurel, Bálint Rezső, Frank Frederick koloritgazdag coloring the pictures kollekciót.A undeservedly neglected for a long time is extremely talented art paintresses bell beautiful examples illustrate this collection: Barta Maria, Gráber Margaret, Gitta Gyenes, Citizen Boriska of modern Hungarian painting characteristics of many colors gazdagították.Az decade and a half characteristics after 1930 from the French dissolved strength Géza Bene, Gráber Margaret's Photos Gabor peterdi, the decorativeness efforts Nicholas Farkasházy paintings, the realization of the left committed to painting program Istvan Desi Huber, Bela Ban, fir Andor Endre, George Ruzicskay, jet Andor landscape, csendélet- and work representations to the surreal attraction Margit Anna and Imre Amos Szentendre watercolors preserved. In this era of very lonely, István Farkas two distinctive and important operation szerepel.Az uniform as part of a post-1945 material Bálint Endre, Gyarmathy Tihamer, Zemplényi Magda and Eugene Gadányi works együttese.Az 1960s and 70s Hungarian art of belonging to the European School including Boris Paul Melchior Toth, C. Pál Molnár, Zoltán Klie, Bolmányi Ferenc Szabó, Vladimir, George Z. Gács, Ágh Ajkelin Louis, Vaszkó Elizabeth Szentiványi Louis, Sikuta Gustav, John Repcze, Kollarits the collection were works by Franz Börzsönyi .

John Haas collection of self-rated show of the Zalaegerszeg Town Concert and Exhibition Hall, the Municipal Gallery, Nyíregyháza, Pápa in the Town Gallery, Veszprém, the Csikász Gallery, Kassák Museum in Budapest were held.
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