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Galerie W

It's a place.Not a gallery.It's a crazy story.Eric Landau is a realistic dreamer, talent scout, pioneer, creative and ... inventor of the Gallery W. There is a little over ten years, it was 35 square meters, today is nearly 3,500 meters exposure cubes for contemporary art.In Paris.

In 1997, Eric Landau - whose soul is artistic probably since before his birth - back seven years in Andalusia and landed in Montmartre "an Andalusian village."Everything starts with a heart for an artist twice forty years, Celine Shalem, which was exhibited around the world and works in a studio in Montmartre on the fifth floor without a lift as she carves marble ...!Landau unearths it to a local, on the ground floor, at the corner of rue des Abbesses.Then everything follows: it darkens with a crazy desire and a good idea: "produce" living contemporary artists, organize the physical and financial ability of their creation.And that, in Montmartre, that is to say, far, far away, the usual areas of art galleries.With the desire to give back to the corner of the Boat wash-house - Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Fernand Léger, Utrillo, Apollinaire, Cocteau ... - a new art current, contemporary again.

Display art on the walls.On buildings and signs estate agents' for rent / for sale. "Bet on contemporary artists.Their potential.Lease space on the street in the neighborhood they serve for workshops at some of them ... "Are you crazy" people said to Eric Landau."Are you crazy 'Montmartre, not living contemporary artists, not art in the streets, in business ... Landau moves on.Galerie W therefore produces artists.Exponential rumor and increasingly positive abuzz.W expands up to settle in the premises of the former Wood Wand, a large - very large - space that has been for more than 150 years the largest space craft framing Paris.The place seemed inhabited: by this craft and the creative force of most artists of the late twentieth century that passed here.
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