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With a background of collecting Berber textiles and running a New York gallery specialising in Egyptian art, Lucien Viola opened Galerie Ré as a serious and lavishly designed contemporary gallery in late 2006.

His intention was to pick up where the now closed Les Atlassides left off – with the involvement of that gallery’s Christine and Alain Gorius. A splendid staircase rises through the centre of the space to a small mezzanine. Downstairs is for changing exhibitions by mostly ‘Moroccan and Mediterranean’ artists.

An opening show by French painter Sébastien Pignon was followed by recent work from M'Barek Bouchichi, who lives near Zagora, and sculptures by the Marrakech-based American, Lori Park. Upstairs is work from established Moroccan artists such as Abdelkarim Ouazzani, Tibari Kantour and Mohammed Lagzouli. Viola’s next project is to open a museum of ancient textiles in the souks.
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