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Galerie NUMMER40 was founded in 2009 by Jeroen and Lea Krak as a next step in their love for contemporary art. An industrial businessman and OR nurse by profession, their interest in (European) contemporary art started in the 90s. Around the turn of the millennium their attention was more specifically drawn to Scandinavian studio glass. Years later, during a holiday trip to the USA, they came across the remarkable geometrically patterned ceramic vessels of Michael Wisner from Colorado.

Not very long after, during a business trip to Australia, Jeroen accidentally met with Hilary Crawford at the JamFactory Glass Studios in Adelaide and got to know her unique murrine glass objects. This, and the earlier discovered ceramics in the USA, triggered the idea to share the works from these artists with other European art collectors.

Their home since 2003, the 1963 modern architecture house they live in provided the perfect environment to present the admired minimalist glass and ceramic objects. In 2009 Galerie NUMMER40 was started, named after the big number 40 that has been showing on the front facade of the house since many decades. The first few years a number of emerging Australian glass artists and American ceramic artists were introduced.

Since 2012 the gallery has been specializing more generally in contemporary art from emerging and established artists from Europe, North-America and Australia. The selected artists predominantly create geometric or organic abstract dimensional objects made of ceramics or glass but increasingly also from other materials like wood, paper, stone, steel and acrylic materials. Contrary to many contemporary art galleries, traditional paintings and photography are not included in the portfolio.

Today, the gallery represents over twenty artists from all over the world and regularly organizes exhibitions in its two permanent in-house exhibition spaces. The gallery also participates annually in contemporary art fairs held in major European cities including Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Hamburg and Stockholm.

Since the start in 2009, hundreds of like-minded contemporary art lovers and collectors have discovered the unique objects presented by Galerie NUMMER40. The majority of them live in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK, but today the Krak couple also manages to reach collectors from Luxembourg, France, Austria, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries.
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