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Galerie Noir sur Blanc to contribute, alongside other cultural operators, the inclusion of contemporary art in local and national cultural landscape.

It aims to make the general public Moroccan artists all confused tendencies and creations, with an opening on the designers from other countries. It also wants an open space, a meeting between the public and creators, whether contemporary art, literature and other forms of creation.
Besides the Black on White Gallery was the only African gallery invited to exhibit in the Art Fair Singapore in November 2014 along with sixty international galleries including the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.

The gallery and has more than twenty artists together, but not exclusively nor exhaustive.

The regularity of exhibitions as well as their diversity testify. Public satisfaction (over 6,500 followers on Facebook) through appointment of quality, constitutes the touchstone. His enthusiasm and constant interest to artists is exposed to the gallery, a source of pride.

The black on white gallery is primarily a militant gallery that is much more invested in cultural projects by organizing events to support associations bienfaisances.
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