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MooiMan Gallery is a gallery where the man is central to the art. This gallery has a unique position in the gallery world. Besides MooiMan there are only two other galleries with the same theme across Europe. Outside Europe, there are no available comparative galleries.

Gallery MooiMan opened its first exhibition on December 17, 2006, from an idealistic consideration that after closing Gallery Faubourg Amsterdam no gallery in the Netherlands would be more to the man in the art as the theme. The opening was performed by the then mayor Jacques Wallage, who was delighted that came to reinforce a gallery with this theme the cultural circuit in Groningen.

In 2008 MooiMan gallery for the first time participated in an art fair, the Open Art Fair in Utrecht, a new exhibition which also offered a place to novice galleries. Gallery MooiMan when a stranger in our midst, however, attracted a lot of audience, we ended up at number eight in the list of most surrendered invitations, a number of 95 galleries. A good result for a first exhibition, a result which the following years was just better. The third year resulted in third place on this list.

In addition to the Open Art Fair (2008-2012), the gallery has also three times at the Affordable Art Fair stood in Amsterdam (2010, 2012 and 2013), the first edition of the fair in Maastricht (2014), the Millionaire Fair (2011 ) and Art at The Warehouse in Rotterdam (2013). In June 2014 the gallery will first be seen during Art Laren.
In addition to these art fairs, we have been twice on Darklands, a Leatherhead and fetish event in Antwerp. For such an event we can arrange a suitable stand.
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