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Gallery of Contemporary Art, the gallery "Blue Violin" was created in Tunisia, at the initiative of Essia Hamdi, literature teacher, passionate about art, early 2004. Perched on the hillside of the prestigious village of Sidi Bou Said all in blue and white, this gallery offers stunning views of Carthage and the Mediterranean sea. "Le Violon Bleu" has chosen to select and established artists of international renown. The majority of these artists present their collection in important institutions, namely the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the British Museum in London. This gallery emblem blue violin Arman, making in homage to Yves Klein, and the gallery door is nothing but a single accumulation of rusty violins Arman. In 2006, the gallery began its international expansion by moving to London in the heart of financial and artistic effervescence. Hamdi Essia only organizes several exhibitions a year, and alternates a Tunisian painter and foreign painter.
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