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Galerie La Ligne

The gallery Line is at the heart of the bustling sector and from Zürich West (map).By his beautiful and bright space, it offers an ideal chair rail to our exhibitions.Line is the emblem of our gallery.We expose national and international artists (painters, sculptors).

If our choice fell on Concrete Art and built it because the paint has reached the age of maturity.The man of today is more aware than men of old, more intellectual, more profound, more spiritualized, and this art shows this new attitude, simpler, more severe, more scientific.This art is part of our social and artistic needs.S 'then build relationships with our architectural mind and constructive intelligence, our mindfulness.

An artistic work is apprehended for those who know the look rhythm, space, color, volume Also, we want to engage our audience in the great adventure of building art and geometric.

"The plastic art is not the expression of an isolated me because it expresses the universal that is eliminating what separates us men and n expressing the unchanging and common to all in the joy of life ".J. Gorin

Gallery Line was founded in 2004 by Jack Meyer and Urban Hess.
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