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On 27 july 1973 the italian-swiss architect lanfranco bombelli tiravanti opened the doors of the gallery in very special circumstances. peter g. harnden, bombelli partner and friend, had died. for religious reasons it could only be buried in a part of the cemetery that was a dump flowers and restore bombelli proposed to dignify his rest. then he edited the portfolio one , folder twelve screenprints related artists in one way or another with cadaqués. he cleaned and painted a space of the former factory warehouse used anchovies and presented the portforlio one . the initiative was a resounding success: not only the necessary funds for the restoration of the cemetery was raised, but it just spontaneously born the cadaqués gallery.

architect, artist and gallery owner, bombelli transformed that space into a place of artistic confluences around the world and one of the most active centers of the catalan scene of the time. there were exhibited for the first time in spain artists such as marcel duchamp, richard hamilton, joseph beuys, john cage, david hockney, jasper johns or dieter roth, among many others. bombelli became a promoter of the avant-garde.

on august 31, 1997 bombelli closed the doors of the gallery. for 25 years he had presented the work of 114 artists, 67 of which exposed for the first time in the peninsula and 18 of them made their first exposure in absolute terms.

in 2003, huc mesh, a young and passionate collector formed in the sotheby's institute in london , the gallery reopens , with the approval of bombelli- under the name cadaqués gallery two . mesh keeps the spirit of the historical vanguards and the publishing tradition of the stage bombelli and follow a narrative line that is distinguished by the quality and commitment to contemporary art, collaborating with new catalan and international artists such as tacita dean, jake & dinos chapman, alfredo jaar, laura white, antoine laval, bruce nauman, perejaume and colomer, among many others. also it collaborates with museums and cultural institutions of the first order, both nationally and internationally.

in 2013, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the cadaqués gallery two becomes cadaqués gallery - huc mesh .
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