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Fondation Martin Bodmer-Bibliotèque et Musée

The Martin Bodmer Foundation is dedicated to the history of writing, and the preservation of this spiritual trace, in all its forms.

Exceptional place in Geneva and unique in Europe, registered at UNESCO, the permanent collection of the Martin Bodmer Foundation gathers a collection of originals, consisting of papyrus, medieval manuscripts, autographs of authors, incunabula, first editions and editions of art, archaeological documents and drawings. This temple of modern architecture designed by Mario Botta exposes the witnesses of the creation of the human spirit over five millennia and in all parts of the world, which have allowed the greatest intellectual and spiritual advances of humanity.

Among others, he reveals two Egyptian Books of the Dead, Dante's manuscripts, original Shakespeare editions, Goethe, Einstein or Mozart autographs, Rembrandt and Delacroix's drawings of some 300 exhibits.
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