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Pierre-Yves Heurtin, deputy councilor for culture discover the farm of Bintinais Jean-Yves Veillard, curator of the Museum of Brittany.Rennes City plans to buy the building in decline.Jean-Yves Veillard wants to turn the museum into Bintinais.The project was accepted by the City of Rennes: now the farm will be the witness of the rural past of the Breton city.Ultimate harvest to Bintinais: the last farmer, Albert Trochet, is retiring after 30 years as head of operations.Opening to the public on May 23The Ecomuseum does not have as its exhibitions and cultivated plots, without any livestock.Last Cuckoo breed hens livestock Rennes is found by the Ecomuseum, who decides to protect the idea of ​​a genetic repository of local breeds appeared.A specimen for each of the 250 local varieties of apple trees, then abandoned, is grafted in the new orchard.The fruit genetic conservatory was born, and will continue to grow over the ans.Ouverture the agro-pastoral park: goats, cows or horses etc ..., farm animals make their way to the site of ecomuseum.The arrival of a conservatory livestock induces a redevelopment of the site: construction of reception building and educational agricultural courses.Cuckoo Rennes hen whose numbers are put together through the work of the Ecomuseum, began a second career: it reappears on the markets and on restaurant tables known after 40 years of absence.A union Coucou chicken farmers Rennes is created.cultural facilities of the city of Rennes which from the outset, the Ecomuseum is transferred to Rennes, as Britain Museum and Library Centrale.L'Écomusée country Rennes celebrates twenty ans.Ouverture of the new room temporary exhibition and the new home in a contemporary building designed by the architectural firm Guinea-Chat in Nantes.Á favor of the exhibition The Great Hope, campaign 1960, the Ecomuseum records his attendance record with 55,000 visitors over the year.
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