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Dobiaschofsky Auktionen AG

Before the arrival of the First World War in August Dobiaschofsky with his family in Bern and opened in 1923 with gold and Kunsthandlung Rahmenatelier which was then extended to a gallery.When Hans Dobiaschofsky son late 1950 took the family grass, he realized his idea of ​​selling private auction house, and carried out on 10 and 11 April 1959 by the first art and antiques auctions.After nearly 70 auctions in the next 30 years, the gallery Dobiaschofsky 1989 found Marius J. Heer a new owner, who knew since become established with four art historians and a dedicated team on the international market of art.Specializes in the year, in early May and early November held auctions in which some 4,000 objects access the call, Swiss art, international paintings, contemporary graphics, posters, antiques and apply jewelry.

Dobiaschofsky Auctions AG, based in Monbijoustrasse maintains its own framework of studio and one of the most famous addresses in the Swiss when it comes to painting, printmaking and antiques.
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