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Dharma is not only an art gallery specialized in the work of masters of argentine painting. It is also an interactive space where ideas, art works, artists, sponsors, mecenas, get together and generate a constant feedback to produce artistic events, exchanging know how and bringing the argentine art closer to the world.

DHARMA is a meeting place for those interested in art. A place where artists and art lovers get together. We help artists, galleries and companies to find the contacts they need or the artwork they are looking for.

Dharma's business focuses on the work of the Great Masters of Argentine painting.
Also represents recognized young artists whith enormous projection.

Dharma also gives advice to art lovers on how to renew,improve and keep their collection. MEQ ´s work has been very successful within the local art fields, due to her restless struggle to raise the market value for Argentine art and artists, changing conventional patterns used by local marchands and auction houses.
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