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Christopher Moller has been involved in the art world since 2001, having started off working for the Everard Read Gallery and Stephan Welz & Sotheby’s auction house. Moller opened his first small gallery in 2007 in town, on the corner of Church and Loop Street. As the business grew, the gallery decided to look for larger premises and purchased a heritage building in ‘the old city’, below Table Mountain. With the help of the design company ‘Bofred’, the team transformed the space, creating contemporary viewing rooms, gallery office for its staff and a reading room for visitors to view publications and books. The gallery incorporates modern design with an empisis on minimalism while retaining the charm of the buildings history with its solid oregan pine flooring and its four Victorian fireplaces.

The gallery deals in contemporary art, specialising in art from the African continent. There is so much exciting talent coming out of Africa. In the past we have seen art doing well on auction from China, Europe and America. Now the art world is looking for the next best thing, they are looking towards Africa.

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