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China Guardian Auctions Co.,Ltd.

Founded in May 1993, China Guardian is the premier auction house that specializes in Chinese antiques and art, offering annual spring and autumn sales and quarterly auctions. Headquartered in Beijing, China Guardian also operates in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America. In October 2012, China Guardian (Hong Kong) International Auction Co. Ltd held its first auction in Hong Kong, making it the most vital step in the history of Chinese art auctions.

In the past 23 years, China Guardian has successfully held more than 1,200 auctions, with a total sales volume of nearly 50 billion yuan. Nearly 450,000 items were sold at the China Guardian’s auctions.

Through unremitting efforts of China Guardian, many top-notch items have been brought back to China, while some have been housed at professional art institutes. For example, Wen’s Book Collection, Shiyutie by Huai Su from China’s Tang Dynasty, Yangshengzhu by Emperor Gaozong of Song Dynasty. Some items sold at China Guardian are in the collection of museums and art galleries. For example, Chunyu Tie, Jiaxue Tie, Xinqi Tie by Zhuxi and Zhang Shi collected by Beijing Palace Museum; Chushisongjuan by a Sui Dynasty scholar collected by Beijing Palace Museum; Ping’an Tie by ancient Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi collected by Long Museum; JingganMountains by Li Keran collected by Long Museum.

Meanwhile, many items sold at China Guardian’s auctions broke the trading record in the regional and even the global art market. In 2007 China Guardian Autumn Auctions, Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying’s Red Cliff was sold for 79.52 million yuan, making Chinese painting’s price cross the $10 million-mark for the first time.
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